Will and Dia-Sim : ‘Old Paper Print’

15 May 2013

The Portuguese music duo Will and Dia-Sim have written a new song, ‘Old Paper Print’ to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Fauna & Flora. We are very happy and proud of this collaboration. Last summer we saw Will and Dia-Sim playing live in Vila Ruiva, in an intimate venue, and we were amazed by their music. We can’t wait for their first tour in the UK!

Lyrics: Will / Dia-Sim
Music: Will
Performed by: Dia-Sim

The sun is in debt to the rain
My camera collects too much grain

At night there’s no moon
It’s all foggy and dark
I sink in my room and I open my ark

And I watch one by one
My old trees my old sun
My old pictures in old celluloid

And old paper print holding time
Holding seas holding tides
Holding birds dropping food in their nests

Old paper print holding skies
Holding dust holding clouds
And the cat rolling out on the grass

I hang all these prints on the walls
(sort them by spring, winter, summer and fall)
from the floor to the ceiling I cover them all
and it feels like I’m surrounded by nature’s grand show/ old paper print holding…

Dia-Sim carefully moving a snake found in his garden

15. May 2013 by Joao Bento
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