Julia Schlosser : “Who is inflicting what on to whom?”

13 April 2013 . By João Bento

Belle caught my foot wanting food. 8/10/11, 8:26 a.m

As I was moving Monkey, she scratched me. 7/12/11 10:19 a.m., (Monkey and Tiens were staying at my house)

I am in love with Julia Schlosser’s series ‘Inflict’ which shows parts of her body with small injuries made by her pets (mostly cats, I presume.) It is a very simple project that was made using a cheap device, – a home scanner – and I find it aesthetically engaging and it has lots of depth.

The photographs from ‘Inflict’ activate many memories from my own childhood. When I was about six or seven years old I used to go out and play on the street with my friends. We would move around looking for anything interesting to do. Very often we would discover little kittens. Some had escaped from the litter and got lost, others had been dumped by someone who already had too many cats. I took many of those cats – maybe ten – to the small apartment where I lived with my parents. I do not remember them living with us for a long time, most likely they were given to someone who could take better care of them. I really enjoyed having cats at home. I was an only child for a long time, I was often bored and the cats were “something fun to play with”. The injuries that we can observe in Julia Schlosser’s photos are familiar to me. I did too many things to those cats. I gave them a bath, I taped their paws, I tried to make them friends with my hamsters (that did not end well!), etc. Poor cats, I regret many things I did to them. They were right to inflict injuries on me.

Please visit Julia Schlosser’s website: juliaaschlosser.wordpress.com

Theo scratched me as I was getting ready to go print at Sparky’s. This hurt. 7/15/11, 10:42 a.m., (v. 2)

Imogen got me good when we were playing. 11/13/11, 8:39 a.m. | All photos © Julia Schlosser

13. April 2013 by Joao Bento
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